Monday, July 18, 2011

Flashlight Orchestra

Currently in the midst of brainstorming a new installation / product / animation idea. Here is an official proposal I wrote up:

Inspired by cave paintings, flashlights, early animation devices and visual music, I'd like to create a space where an audience can interactively create visuals to accompany a live musical performance. I will design a hand cranked animation flashlight that essentially allows one to project a simple animation cycle. 15-20 people will be given these flashlights and invited into a fort made out of paper or blankets. While a live group of musicians plays campfire jingles the audience will be invited to project their animated flashlights onto the fort walls. Each flashlight will contain a different animated sequence. The audience can choose how the animated sequences interact and hopefully spontaneous and unique stories will develop with each performance.

Proposed design for the flashlight:

Drawing of the proposed fort set-up:


jriggity said...

cool idea man!

gets some cool story ideas depending on the animation cycles.


Louis Morton said...

Thanks! Yeah that's what I was hoping for, different flashlights for different cycles and characters, kind of like a choose your own adventure. Just have to build a prototype first to see if it actually works!