Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cat Chat! キャットチャット!

For the past week I have been in Tokyo!

I'm keeping another blog of exclusively Tokyo and Japan related encounters and inspirations here:

But I'll keep updating Cutting Board with animation and design related projects.

I'm here for a two month internship at TBS television studios. For the first 3 weeks I will work on the program Cat Chat with fellow USC classmate Jovanna. We will be producing 4 minutes of flash animation in the next two weeks. The show teaches Japanese children English through song and dance.  I think I will mostly be handling character animation in Flash.

On Friday we recorded voices for the intro to the program. I voiced Richie the cat and somehow it turned out pretty decent. Thanks to Jovanna for this inside shot of the studio:

In July I will begin working on the media stairs that I previously mentioned here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adobe Design Acheivement Awards

Much to my surprise, two of my entries to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards have been selected for the Semifinal Round! Adobe First Frame Opening is nominated for Motion Graphics and Moe's Musical Morning. The awards take place in October in Los Angeles and I will know in August if I've made the final round. All the semifinalists can be seen here.