Thursday, May 31, 2012

One Man Barbarian Horde - Final Cut

One Man Barbarian Horde is a film I worked on as part of Documentary Animation class this spring semester. Earlier I had posted some of my animation and now here is the complete film! In addition to animating a really fun scene, I got to work on the sound design. It was a blast!

Shape Dance Wallpaper

Here are a couple of Hi-Res images for wallpaperin up the ole desktop.

Shape Dance (The Essential Voyage)

I finally finished a film I have been working on since last September! Shape Dance is a collaborative film with my classmate Amy Lee Ketchum, with music composed by A Magic Whistle. I worked on most of the film in the fall semester but spent a week here and there this past spring touching things up and adding new scenes. Now it's completely finished and I'm sending it off to the festival circuits.

Here are a few screen shots of new some of the new scenes I created in the past few weeks.

Monday, May 21, 2012


This summer I will be going to Tokyo, Japan! I've created another blog: as a way to show friends and family what I am doing and to have a personal records of inspiring things that I see.

From June 10 - July 31 I will be interning at TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). I'll be staying near the Yatsuya 3 Chome Metro stop in Shinjuku-ku and the internship is in Akasaka. For part of the summer I will be creating animated content for the TBS media stairs. The stairs are located right outside of the Akasaka Tokyo Metro stop. I can't wait! Here is an example of that is currently screening on the stairs:

Passer Passer - Animation Test

An animation test for my thesis film. I'm a lot happier with this than the first, it's much closer to how I want the film to move. All audio is compiled from recordings taken in Los Angeles.

Passer Passer - Boards

I presented my thesis film last week and it was approved! Here are a few 'story boards' of some of the major scenes of my thesis film.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Here is a character I thought up the other day. I've been developing it for fun and to practice putting together a "pitch bible" for television.