Monday, March 21, 2011

Set Shots

Here are some pics from my week long camp out in the stop motion lab!
I had replacement mouths, eyes and eyebrows ready at the side.

Some pics of my final set and light arrangement. To get a sense of depth I built the back layer of trees out of cardboard and painted with tempera paint. The next layer is cardboard wrapped in wire mesh and thin foam, spray painted. The front layer is sanded balsa foam with tempera paint.

My classmate Laura was a HUGE help with the light set up. I was kind of in the dark about this topic and she really lit the way. We set up a large light with bounce on the side for the sun, lit the back layers of trees with orange and set up a light pointing down. On this upper light we added some black foil to give the illusion of light shining through leaves. The film takes place in the morning and we were really hoping to go for that feeling with this setup.

For the moss ground I used a sheet of thin foam and spray painted it green. This allowed me to conceal the drill holes pretty well, I just cut a little slit with a hobby knife each time I drilled a new hole.

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