Sunday, February 6, 2011

Initial Ideas

I originally had this idea of two monkeys that lived on an island, Fred and Fritz. One day a fruit drops out of the sky. Fred bites the fruit and it transports both monkeys to a new environment. This makes Fred very happy because he always had wanted to travel. But it makes Fritz very freaked out. Fritz grabs the fruit from Fred, bites it, and they are transported back to their home. They both realize that the fruit will take them wherever they want to go when they bite it. They go back and forth arguing, biting the fruit while the background changes from exotic local back to their peaceful jungle home. Eventually the fruit gets down to one last bite. Fred is about to bite it to send them to a faraway land when he notices how upset Fritz is. He bites it and they end up back home. At the end it is revealed that the island is now on the back of a giant flying creature, so both monkeys got their way.
Anyway, I decided this story was wayyyy to complicated for a one semester project. I had another idea where this little guy walks around listening to music and the background changes with the song. No story at all, just an idea.
I'm not sure when, but these two ideas globbed together and formed the story of Moe, an easily excitable monkey who hears music for the first time.

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